Mark Westcott Artist, Piano Teacher, Lecturer, Author

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"... he has evidently also absorbed a whole school of European interpretation, and integrated this into an organic whole, at least as concerns his re-creation of works by Schubert and Brahms... Regarding technique and interpretation, we have hardly ever heard the Brahms f-minor sonata fashioned in such a superior way."

Monterey, California

"He commands...a bigger tone with the top down than anyone else does with the lid on the stick... The second half was Westcott's alone, and it was full of wizardry... His reading of the Chopin B-minor Piano Sonata, following a highly literary program of his own choosing, was a miraculous lesson in the whole Romantic aesthetic."

George Warren
Kansas City

"He has the audacity to program both the Beethoven "Hammerklavier" Sonata and the dazzling Ravel suite, "Gaspard De La Nuit," on the same program... Did he bring it off? He did, handsomely... He has the effects and his control of sonority—whether in large or in small scale—is Extraordinary."

John Haskins

"The good looking young musician insinuates enough of his personality into his performance to stamp the re-creations with freshness and individuality. However he approaches his work with a sensitivity that assures a revelation of the composer's style."

Jay Joslyn
Los Angeles

"He has the natural grace and fluency for superior Mozart. His fingers were virtually impeccable."

Albert Goldberg