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Brilliant new pianist from The Republic of Georgia

Brilliant new pianist from The Republic of Georgia to headline young artists at fundraising concert.

Mark Westcott's annual summer class for graduate school pianists and young artists from foreign countries will climax with a fundraising recital on Friday evening, August 22nd at 7:30 PM at Classic Pianos, located on the corner of SE Milwaukie and Powell Blvd. Admission is $20.

An auspicious group of graduate-level pianists from universities around America will be joined by 30-year-old Ketevan Kartvelishvili, who joins Mr. Westcott's class for two weeks of coaching en route to her debut recital in Chicago for the Myra Hess Foundation.

The evening's program of difficult and magnificent repertoire will begin with the massive Bach/Liszt transcription of the A minor organ Prelude and Fugue, performed by Ann Dennis (Memphis State University.) Ms. Dennis will have just returned from three weeks of master classes in France with Paul Roberts.

Daniel Swayze (University of Texas, Austin)performs Beethoven's 32 variations in C minor and works of Chopin.

Also from the Republic of Georgia, closing the first half, will be Dimitri Zhgenti (University of Indiana) who has recently been invited by the excellent Vancouver Symphony to perform in September 2015 as soloist in the Prokofiev First Concerto. Dimitri will perform the Prokofiev Third Sonata for the evening's fundraiser.

Ending the first half will be the rarely heard but unforgettable Corelli Variations of Rachmaninoff, performed by Nick Fontana (Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge).

Following a special performance of works by Chopin by Nick Poelwijk (University of Oregon) Ms. Kartvelishvili will perform works of Scarlatti, Scriabin and Liszt, ending with the rarely performed and thrilling Liszt Spanish Rhapsody.

The evening's artists are also providing a generous assortment of encores by composers such as Liszt, Prokofiev, Chopin and Moszkowski.

The goal of the fundraiser is to provide a first hearing of brilliant young pianists en route to important concerts, master classes, and competitions. Money raised will help with travel expenses and scholarships for these promising young artists.






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