Mark Westcott Artist, Piano Teacher, Lecturer, Author

Who'da thunk it

Some people think that we are known by the company we keep. Well, I was a soloist my whole life, so I may have been one of those people who didn't think that and simply wanted to let my playing do my talking for me. The ‘lone-wolf’ syndrome. But is also true none of us exist in a vacuum, and there are times in life when even quasi-loners like me are reminded that we are all in it together.

This happy fact was delivered in a letter from my old high school (Cleveland) in which it states that I am to receive a special honor due to my achievements in the field of music.

Others that have received this recognition include Phil Knight, CEO of Nike and others in the field of medical research, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, the Broadway theater producer Alan Wasser (who I grew up with) and others.

Besides the honor of this I am also delighted that next March I will share the evening with others including a man with the coolest name in town - Sho Dozono.



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