Mark Westcott Artist, Piano Teacher, Lecturer, Author

Tips From Mr. Mannheimer's Classes and Other Sources

  1. Something is of worth because you have invested in it.
  2. Listening pre-supposes concentration, not putting minds to rest and ears to sleep.
  3. Concentrate painlessly and with sustained concentration. "Concentration is the power to direct the brain and then see that the work is done" - Arnold Bennett
  4. Most entertainment, allows the mind to sleep
  5. To learn to play the monstrous instrument man often develops habits which are obstacles to freedom and expression, getting effects through strain. Years are wasted in learning to put down the key.
  6. Matthay's chief contribution: the awareness of the control of the key for sound
  7. Quote from Matthay: "Most pupils come to their lessons like bottles waiting to be filled, and they don't even bring a funnel".






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