Mark Westcott Artist, Piano Teacher, Lecturer, Author

Reading List

  • Piano Technique by Walter Gieseking and Karl Leimer
  • Piano Playing (with Piano Questions Answered) by Josef Hofmann
  • Basic Principles in Pianoforte Playing by Josef Lhevinne
  • The First Principles of Pianoforte Playing by v
  • The Visible and Invisible in Pianoforte Technique by Tobias Matthay
  • Musical Interpretation by Tobias Matthay
  • The Art of Piano Playing by Heinrich Neuhaus
  • Music at Your Fingertips by Ruth Slenczynska
  • Forbidden Childhood by Ruth Slenczynska
  • The Great Pianists by Harold Schonberg
  • The Lives of the Great Composers by Harold Schonberg
  • Men, Women and Pianos by Arthur Loesser
  • Music for the Piano by James Friskin and Irwin Freundlich




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