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Blue 'entirely authentic'

Like Saturday's Red series concert, last night's Blue provided a feast of first-class performance - a most promising opening to the season.

Vanco Cavdarski's interpretation of Britten's Four Interludes from Peter Grimes was, as could be expected, vivid, colorful, and entirely authentic; and as on Saturday, the brass excelled themselves in blend and balance.

Mark Westcott played the Ravel G major piano concerto with expertise and insight which could hardly be excelled.

His handling of the passage work was while never less than brilliant, while in the cantabile slow movement he gave us playing which can only be describes as exquisite.

Mr. Westcott is undoubtedly one of the finest of the younger generation of pianists now before the public and more than justifies the laudatory remarks in the biographical note in the program; a return visit is much to be hoped.

In the Beethoven second symphony Mr Cavdarski had the orchestra on their toes in a reading which captured the spirit of the work in the highest degree; no hint of severe classic restraint, but ample romantic expansiveness, which never, however, went beyond the bounds of good taste.

A largely full-blooded performance with a rip-roaring finale which was genuinely "unbuttoned. - W. LOVELOCK.

Copied by Ben Serna-Grey

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