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A Concert Experience at the Vienna Concert House

The Vienna debut of the 25-year old American pianist Mark Westcott, multiple prize winner at international concert competitions, turned into a real experience. This became evident during the initial beats of Partita e-moll by J. S. Bach, which was clearly interpreted with absolute understanding of the musical structure, throughout the entire performance. His performance of the "Sixteen German Dances" (Sechzehn Deutsche Taenze) by Schubert subsequently proved that, also an American in Vienna can master Schubert if he fully understands the genius of Schubert. It is worth mentioning that, prior to the intermission Westcott played a sonata by the contemporary composer Donald Keats and as a matter of course presented this highly technical and demanding work without the aid of sheet music.

The second part of the program was dedicated to the great Brahms Sonata op 5 in f-moll, where the pianist demonstrated utmost talent of concentration.

As a conclusion of the evening Bach-Busoni's chorus prelude was presented with deeply felt sincerity and precision. The entire event deserves to be characterized as "Concert Experience".

Prof. Dr. Josef and Erika Dichler

Copied by Ben Serna-Grey

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